Playhouse Remodel for $110! Step by step instructions on how we remodeled it. Full list of supplies included!

Do you ever have an idea or vision to do something and it becomes all you can think about until you finish it? This my friends, has been on my mind all week and I was determined to fulfill it ASAP! It started out as a simple Facebook Marketplace search which led to hours of planning, pinning ideas on pinterest, going to Target, the list goes on... (don't let me fool you though, this Playhouse remodel has been so fun) We are all about saving money so keep reading on how we remodeled this Playhouse for $110

A couple of days ago, I came across this ad for an older Little Tykes playhouse. Kenny and I have been wanting to get one for Caroline because she loves to play house. She is always cooking, tending to her babies and cleaning her little "home" space. She is so creative and would play for hours if we let her! So when I saw this one, I knew it would be perfect. We got it for a steal at only $75. It needed a little cleaning but luckily the previous owners kept it inside for almost the whole time they owned it. We disassembled the playhouse and brought it home.

The first thing we did when we got home was laid each piece out and used our Mrs. Myers all purpose spray to clean them. Once they were clean, we sprayed them with our water hose and set out to dry. It was HOT in Virginia today so this took all of 5 minutes!

After they were dry, we started spray painting each piece. We decided to use spray paint for this project mainly for time. I had read different blogs on pro's and con's on brushing or spraying and decided for us, spraying worked better! We used 3 different shades of Rustoleum Spray paint (list of supplies posted below)
For the sides and door we used Flat and for the roof we used matte chalk paint.

When we were painting, we found that if we sprayed continuously the paint dripped. So we switched to short, 3 seconds or so sprays and that worked best. If you take one thing away from this post it should be this. TAKE YOUR TIME. Set aside time to do this project. The more you rush, I gaurentee you will have paint drips. It took us approximately 4 hours to complete the whole thing from start to finish.

Our paint was all in one where the primer is built in. We only used one coat on the whole thing and it's completely covered! We love how it turned out and can't wait to start decorating it tomorrow! I'll post another blog post of the decor with costs soon!

Here were our supplies and costs:
-Playhouse from FaceBook Marketplace $75
-3 cans of Rustoleum Flat White Spray paint $5.50 each
-2 cans of Rustoleum Antique Grey Matte chalk Spray paint $6.50 each
-1 can of Rustomleum Flat Aqua Mist Spray Paint $5.50
-Drill & Screwdriver
-Soap for cleaning
Grand Total of $110

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